Good Morning


Eggs on Turkish Pide

Free-range eggs your way, served with woodfired Turkish pide bread, and feta mouse ________________________

Beekeeper's Benedicts

Free-range poached eggs served on homemade herb potato rosti, topped with wilted spinach, and homemade Hollandaise sauce and sumac
Choose: bacon | mushroom | halloumi | or add smoked salmon for an extra $4 `_________________________


Smoothie Bowl

A fresh smoothie base containing blueberries, banana, and peanut butter, topped with toasted muesli, assorted nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and toasted coconut. ____________________________________


Hangover Breakfast

Free-range eggs your way, with streaky bacon, garlic and herb sausage, potato hash, chili baked beans, portobello mushrooms, sourdough, and avocado. ____________________________________


Halloumi & Avocado Stack

Halloumi and Avocado served on woodfired sourdough, with beetroot relish, a poached egg, spiced nuts, and a balsamic glaze. _______________________________


Cinnamon Waffles

Cinnamon sugar-coated waffles served with candied nuts, freeze-dried raspberries, berry compote, fresh fruits and honey mascarpone, dizzled with maple syrup and chocolate sauce. _________________


Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

Creamy mushrooms served on toasted sourdough with wilted spinach, a free-ranged poached egg, dukkah, capsicum salsa, and an olive crumb. _____________

Shakshuka Meatballs

Lamb meatballs in a bravas sauce, served with baked eggs, labneh, and woodfired pide bread.
Three Egg Omelette
Served with ham, feta and mozzarella, spinach, olives, and woodfired pide bread.

Crispy Squid Salad

Crispy squid served with fancy lettuce, cucumber, edamame, onions, capsicum salsa, crispy shallots, wasabi mayo, and sumac. ______________________________________

Saffron Seafood Chowder

A saffron infused chowder containing mussels, squid, prawns, and fresh fish. Served with toasted pide bread. _____________________________________________

Bookeeper's Pork Ribs

Harissa glazed BBQ pork ribs served with carrot and cabbage remoulade, and fries.

Fish and Chips

Beer battered fish served with fries, sriracha mayo, and a green salad.

Buddha Bowl

A tabouli salad containing falafel, sumac onion and cauliflower, avocado, cucumber, tomato relish and corn bites, with a beetroot hummus.

Bao Buns

Steamed charcoal bao buns served with pork belly, kimchi slaw and fried onions, with a sticky sauce and straight cut fries.

Tapas Lunch Platter

An assortment of olives, feta, pickled vegetables, hummus, brie cheese, candied nuts, muhammara, falafel, chorizo, lebneh, Israeli couscous salad, pide bread, tortillas.
Choose: Beef | Chicken | Lamb


Beef Burger
With 200 grams of prime beef patty, iceberg lettuce, gherkins, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, and fries.

Karaage Chicken Burger
With karaage chicken, spicy slaw, cheddar cheese, tomato, gherkins, red onion, and fries.

Karaage Chicken Burger
With a corn and potato patty, kimchi slaw, tomato, pickled gherkins, onion, cheddar cheese, and fries.

Eggs $6.5
Sausage $6.5
Hollandaise $2
Potato Stack $5.5
Spinach $8
Pide/Sourdough $5.5
Avocado $5.5
Mushrooms $7
Halloumi $8.5
Bacon $8.5
Salmon $9
Tomato Sauce / Aiolo $0.5
Side Salad $12
Side Chicken / Lamb $12
Straight Fries $11
Curly Fries $13
PLEASE ASK THE WAITER BEFORE ORDERING GFO AND DFO OPTIONS all credit card transaction occur 1.8% surcharge